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Quantum Aromatherapy®
A New Model to Tap into Full potential of Aromatherapy

by Dr. Daniel Pénoël
This article was reproduced with permission from Aromatherapy Today Journal.



Editor's Note: I am thrilled and grateful to present this article from Dr. Daniel Pénoël, a worldwide pioneering leader who has dedicated his life to the science of using essential oils as therapeutic medicines. In this article, however, he shares the infinite possibilities of essential oils beyond the current traditional understanding.

In the search for a third model: How to shift from 20% to 100% of the healing potential of aromatherapy?

If I look into my past, I can see the initial signs of my shift already many, many, years ago. Yet, one major recent event, what we call in medical practice a princeps observation, took place in November 2004.

Mark Webb had met me in June 2004, in France, and he had brought with him a box with many new essential oils from Australia, a continent which I believe is blessed by the aromatic goddesses! Two of them had immediately spoken to my ‘aromatic brain’: Fragonia™ and Kunzea ambigua. When the cold season arrived in France, my wife, Rose-Marie, had a severe bronchitis, with an incapacity of getting rid of the bronchial secretions. After several days, and all the “usual” essential oils being used, she was desperate to state that there was no improvement. Having reached this extreme point, the idea came to us to try the two new essential oils that I had selected among all the oils brought by Mark.

What the usual oils had been unable to accomplish, Fragonia™ (selected chemotype of Agonis fragrans) did it, almost instantaneously and with a minute amount applied on Rose-Marie’s chest. And Kunzea ambigua completed in a perfect way the initial wonder accomplished by Fragonia™.

From a mere chemistry viewpoint, Fragonia™ did not bring any “new molecule” or “chemical active principle”. At this point I realised that beyond the molecular activity, there was room for another explanation. I had to search for another explanatory model.

If the chemistry/active principle model did not fit with the result obtained, it meant that the validity of this medical/pharmacological model represented the tip of the iceberg, the 20% of the visible potential.

The chemistry/active model is definitely valid when a drug company wants to create and to patent a new drug in order to act upon a specific biochemical mechanism. But a whole potential remains when it comes to studying the field of essential oils and to the practice of aromatherapy.

Applying a linear, reductionist, analytical way of thinking to the study of the interaction between the most complex being on planet earth, mankind, and the most complex substance stemming from the highly evolved forms of plant life on earth enables us perceive only one fragment of the reality.

There are basically two trends: one based on the “holistic” model of using essential oils, which gives raise to “Holistic Aromatherapy”. And, on the other hand, there is a trend founded upon the chemical/pharmacological/medical approach of studying and using essential oils. In French speaking countries, we call it “l’aromathérapie médicale et pharmaceutique”. Generally, in English speaking countries, it is known as “Clinical Aromatherapy”. While both models have proved their validity, from my research and experience as a medical doctor who has used essential oils for over 30 years, I have realized that both models fail to tap into the full potential.

The real and fantastic healing potential of essential oils and aromatherapy are still missing. What a waste for both patients and therapists to remain in this situation.

Imagine that you are given a car that you could drive at 100 miles/hour, and you feel happy while driving it at 25 miles/hour! There are circumstances in life when speed will make the difference between death and life.

I decided to put the creativity of my mind into the search and the elaboration of a third model of explanation.

A New Model Based on New Physics, New Biology and Consciousness:

I started to search into this third model that would enable to account for the results that were obtained. I started by holding myself back from jumping into conventional medical/pharmacological field of explanation which was the one I had been familiar with for decades.

Which model would enable to release the full potential of essential oils and aromatherapy?

It was a very long journey. A journey of passion and joy. A journey of wonderful discoveries, conceptual and intellectual ones, as well as botanical, medical, psychological, technical and practical ones. A journey that has now, I am pleased to announce, reached its final stage.

Quantum Aromatherapy® is not a “new technic” of using essential oils or simply the use of new essential oils, even if both aspects can be included in the development and the implementation of Quantum Aromatherapy®. The point of departure of Quantum Aromatherapy® lies in the field of what is called New Physics, with its three branches:

Quantum Physics (also known as Quantum mechanics) Relativity and the Physics of complex adaptative systems. It is completed and extended by the New Biology, based on the work of Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock. Linking the concept of the living Planet, Gaia, with the world of Bacteria and the evolutionary process of Life on Earth and Pangea with the separation of the Continents enables to create a vast, profound and powerful frame of perception, research, understanding and applications.

A new model based on the Consciousness of the 3 Ps: Plant, Patient, Practitioner

Healing with Aromatherapy means healing with…a therapist!

Eventually, all these concepts and ideas culminate in the role of Consciousness of the Plant species and genus, Consciousness of the Patient and Consciousness of the Practitioner. I call The Consciousness of the Plant, the Patient and the Practitioner the 3Ps.

The ultimate reason of the choice of the term “Quantum” lies in the experiences done by physicists: the eye of the observer influences reality and guides the unfolding of the healing process.

When you go for a physiotherapy session, you go to a physiotherapist.

If you wish to improve your life through psychotherapy, what do you do? You make an appointment with a psychotherapist. If you’re interested in musicotherapy, you will do the same: enroll for musicotherapy sessions with a trained musicotherapist.  This pattern is true for any other field of therapy: there is a very special event taking place, when a patient meets a therapist. Otherwise, using the term “therapy” without a therapist is inappropriate.

If you happen to be using a vial of essential oil or a blend of essential oils, in our new paradigm, we call it “an aromatic practice”. This can be done at a personal level or a family level. But in no way the term “therapy” applies in the absence of a trained therapist.

At the core of the practice of Quantum Aromatherapy®, we have the Principle of the three Ps, as explained above. In French, we call it “Le Jeu à Trois” (“the game with three participants”). It is vital to create a dynamic intervention between the 3Ps: the Patient who comes to the Quantum Aromatherapy® session with a specific state of consciousness; the trained Quantum Armatherapy Practitioner, who receives the Patient with a specific awareness. From the encounter of the two special states of mind, a third “consciousness” will intervene, after a deep connection has been established between the first two actors: the consciousness of the species of an aromatic plant, belonging to a genus, belonging to a family, belonging to an order, belonging to a sub-class, belonging to a class on the phylogenic evolutionary tree of the plant kingdom. This plant, under the form of the best quality essential oil, extracted from a part of its being, is about to transmute the life of your patient, because all the conditions have been, as a prerequisite condition, gathered.

Case Studies:

When Eva, aged 22, consulted me in March 2007, she was in a bingeing behavior and she was overweight, she had allergic asthma and she was socially and mentally blocked. After following her Quantum Aromatherapy® programme over four months, she was fit, able to run several kilometers, her asthma was completely under control and she was able to take major decisions to change her life and face challenges that would have remained otherwise unthinkable.

13th February 2009- Drôme Valley - France:

Josette, aged 77, suffers from severe asthma. She has been suffering for ten years. She used to resort to eye drops containing beta blockers and her severe respiratory condition was the negative side effect of this ‘local’ drug. The drugs she uses for her asthma hardly help her. She is unable to walk more than 50 meters or to climb stairs. Her morale is devastated. Two days after consulting me she founds herself being able to breathe again almost normally, to her great amazement.

April 2009- Drôme Valley - France:

Didier, aged 59, comes to consult me in the season of the pollens, he is in a difficult situation. His profession of “aromatician” consists of transforming scents (specially from wines) into colors and shapes. With his allergic reaction to pollens, he is hindered in performing his work in good conditions. Didier is instructed how to implement his Quantum Aromatherapy® programme with the selected essential oil.

What took place for him was also to his great amazement: not only his allergic condition disappeared, but after three weeks, his state of mind and his behavior were deeply changed, to the joy of his wife. One sign that cannot lie is the following one: he had been gnawing his nails from his childhood, a habit reflecting his constitutional anxiety. And now, without even having mentioned this very old problem, he had got rid of it, as a positive unexpected effect!

Those results, that are just a few examples selected among hundreds of powerful medical aromatic adventures, were made possible thanks to a new paradigm that has now emerged and found its full blossoming under the name of Quantum Aromatherapy®.

In Quantum Aromatherapy® our motto is: “The healing is not in the vial”

When Josette, Didier, Eva and when hundreds of patients come to me, the choice of the essential oil is the final outcome of the deep human connection that has been established between us. The elected essential oil is like the ultimate reward of the profound and sincere human link that has been built, during the session, between the consciousness of the patient and the consciousness of the Quantum Aromatherapy® practitioner.

Having written over a thousand of pages about my work, I deem that time has come to present to the world of aromatherapy, and also the world of natural medicine in general, the “Seven-ness” of Quantum Aromatherapy®.

The secret of the seven-ness of Quantum Aromatherapy®: What are the 7 Principles of Quantum Aromatherapy®?

Principle 1: Exchange

Exchange of Matter-Energy-Information

In our modern life, toxic Matter, Energy and Information penetrate our body.

Principe 1 teaches us to protect ourselves against this 3 dimensional toxicity. Quantity, quality, rhythm between the living system and its environment is key to health. Here, I start in the mid-nineteenth Century, with the pre-quantum stage of the creation of Thermodynamics and what makes Life so special.

Principle 2: Wave-particle Duality

Also called ‘wavicular’ aspect of all that surrounds us and all processes that exist in the Universe. It is this Principle that I applied to discover the secret of the power of Fragonia™ essential oil, that we call now the supra-molecular perception of any essential oil. Fragonia ™ being, to the extent of my current knowledge of essential oils (and I know many of them), absolutely unique on planet Earth. And it was given to your country, the lucky country (Australia).

Principle 3: Non-locality

Two particles, that were once connected, remain forever linked, and communicate instantaneously even if separated by billions of light years of distance. The demonstration of this true revolution was made for the first time by the French physicist Alain Aspect, in 1982, and it has been since confirmed by many other scientists and many flabbergastering experiments. It is the application of the Third Principle that enabled me to unleash the healing power within Eva‘s mind-body system and totally change her life. In a few words, this Principle teaches us that any essential oil remains forever connected to the species of plant that created it.

Principle 4: Space-Time Connection

The application of the Fourth Principle enabled me to discover the power of the plants and the essential oils that helped bring back on their own healing path Josette and Didier. The Fourth Principle teaches us that the same molecule, like 1,8-cineole, follows an evolutionary pathway, identical to the Phylogenic Tree of Plant Evolution on planet Earth. The molecule becomes endowed with a potential stemming from the species included on this tree of Evolution.

Principle 5: Creative Chaos

Through the study of the Physics of Complex Adaptative Systems, it becomes possible to understand the constitution of chronic conditions and “never ending diseases”; and to offer complete and coherent therapeutic programs in order to break, once for all, the vicious circle or prison of diseases and drugs and more diseases and more drugs.

Principle 6: Biogeognosy

Through the study of this Principle, it becomes possible to consider the world of “microbes” in a totally new way, establishing a connection between the root system of plants in the soil, and the root system inside the animal organism (the intestinal microbiote). And linking the role of the bacteria that inhabit us with our Consciousness. All my patients with infectious conditions, even very chronic ones, take benefit from the implementation of the Sixth Principle.

Principle 7: Consciousness

This is the ultimate stage of the journey. The application of this Principle lies already in each of the first six Principles. Besides, it enabled me to create a powerful method of implementing the subtle energy of aromatic plants. Results obtained through this method are simply beyond what I would have thought possible with essential oils in my previous medical work.

Conclusion: the proof is in the cake …and in eating the cake!

All the results that I am creating with my patients, in my practice, on a daily basis, would have been impossible, if I had remained inside the classical system of considering aromatic plants and essential oils. My new life with essential oils is a blessing for me and for my patients. I think that the greatest reward lies in the possibility, through the study and the practice of Quantum Aromatherapy® to become able to completely change the way of perceiving the Universe and to live in a steady state of Harmony with the Universe and Trust in Nature. You are immensely lucky to live in Australia, the Aromatic Continent, and immensely lucky to be involved in the use of essential oils, as a profession and for your personal enjoyment. I know that you have already incredible results in your practice. I am convinced that you deserve, at least, to become aware that the results, that you are rightly so proud of, could be brought to a higher level, through a program of study of Quantum Aromatherapy®. And I am also convinced that there are incredible aromatic secrets that we will be able to crack within the flora of Australia and New-Zealand by the implementation of the 7 Principles of Quantum Aromatherapy®.

With all my kind Quantum Aromatherapy® thoughts to all my friends of the world,
© Dr Daniel Pénoël



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About the Author

A medical doctor and pioneer of medical aromatherapy, Daniel Pénoël MD has an international reputation as an essential oil researcher, aromatic medicine practitioner, educator and author who has dedicated his three–decade career to the therapeutic use of essential oils. He is co-author of L'aromathérapie Exactement and Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils. His French book ‘l’ Aromathérapie Quantique’ (Quantum Aromatherapy®) has been released recently.

How to test QBI® essential oils?

QBI® essential oils (Quantum Bio-Informations®) are the official and authentic essential oils of Quantum Aromatherapy® which have been elaborated according to Dr Penoel’s method.

Contact: www.osmobiose.comcontact1@osmobiose.com or 33 4 75 76 83 42.

For training in Quantum Aromatherapy® contact: penoelschool@orange.fr or www.ecolepenoel.com.





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