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Dreaming Lavender
by Joan Clark



"Tender, loving care" are the words that I write on the bottles of lavender that fill my laboratory. Lavender is a plant spirit medicine that exudes the qualities and essence of the Divine Mother energy. It is a beautiful, elegant, powerful, loving essence that is always ready to nurture and care for our bodies, minds and spirits.


Whether you are using lavender to calm and pamper your spirit, help heal an injury or perfume and anoint your body temple, lavender offers tender, loving care. As I sit here in her presence, after gathering some of her majestic beauty from my garden, I wonder what it is that she would want me to share about her - what is that one thing that this beautiful Goddess of nature would want women to know about her? Words float effortless into my consciousness and they are, "Women heal yourselves and trust your inner wisdom. Stop, slow down and allow yourselves to remember who you are. Remember that within you is a mystery school of wisdom. I have come to help you remember the power of self healing and how to wash away what does not feed your soul. I have come to show you the power and beauty of a woman's ability to care, nurture and use her inner wisdom to balance and make whole the body, mind, and spirit so they can be in alignment with the divine presence in all things."

The healing properties that are aligned with lavender are sedating, calming, balancing and supportive.

Once you begin to work with the plant spirit of lavender you will begin to sense a deeper connection to your own woman's wisdom.  I believe sitting with a lavender plant is much like sitting and talking with a good friend who you trust to listen, support and care for you when you need to feel loved, heard and comforted. When I am working with this plant spirit I always feel a sense of protection envelope me and whether I am planting her in my garden, creating aromatic products or just gracing my home with her beauty, I feel  kinship with her and a deep sense of connection. A calming, peaceful, centering energy comes over me and I know that there is something very powerful happening and taking place within and without. I love it when my hands embrace her - for something magical happens in touching this beautiful plant spirit. The mothering voice arises and a sense of joy and inner knowing comes forth. You immediately sense and feel that everything is going to be okay. It's all going to work out and life is good; life is very good. If you are willing to spend some time with this beloved and cherished plant spirit, she will whisper to you and remind you of the plant spirit mysteries that lie deep within you. For I believe that in the collective consciousness of oneness - all women have gathered her, used her to heal, nurture and protect their families and communities. Such women have created with her by making salves, healing balms, elixirs and perfumes. I believe we all know her intimately from the past and this wisdom lies within us. All we have to do is connect with her; then what is organic and natural within us merges with her illuminating presence and the kinship we have with her intuitively begins to unfold.

Where I first met this aromatic beauty - on a heart level - I was in the South of France, her homeland. We had sponsored a tour to France so that our students and clients could visit the lavender fields of Provence and the perfume houses in Grasse where lavender has been used to create some of the most expensive and exotic perfumes of all time. The moment I saw her blooming under the clear blue skies of the Provence landscape my heart skipped a beat. I could not wait to walk amidst her, hold her, smell her presence and be a part of her living legacy.
I wanted to capture her spirit and essence and behold her presence. I wanted to understand everything about her so that I could infuse what I felt into my aromatic blends and creations. It was important to me to consciously listen and hear her stories that surround her history and lore so that I could share them and weave them into the stories and experiences that I would have with her in the future.

Once you have an inside awakening with the plants - on that heart/soul level - they become a part of you and you a part of them.

This year I am off again to Provence to spend some more time with Goddess Lavender so I can get to know her in a new way - for we learn about the plants as we learn about ourselves - in layers. I am going to go sit with her, listen and open up to the new wisdom that desires to reveal itself to me. I am going to allow her sweet scent and essence to calm and center me, envelope my spirit and guide me inward so I can connect more fully with the next chapter in my life that is waiting to unfold. I will paint her, play with her, anoint my body with her and allow her to nurture me home and guide me inward to my own homeland that lies within.

I wish this for each of you as you begin your journey with the plant spirit essence of Lavender. I hope you will take time to sit with her, touch her, smell her, play and create with her as well as breathe her in deeply. Invite her into the core of your being. There is a mystery, an adventure, a spark of inspiration that she is going to awaken for you. She will fold you into her loving presence and gently begin sharing with you her stories and the stories that connect you to one another.
Lavender is a master teacher and one of the most benevolent, revered and respected Goddesses in the garden.

The aromatic blessings she will bestow on you are a deeper connection to your woman's wisdom and your intuitive voice. She will unlock the plant spirit mysteries that lie deep within the core of your being and she will teach you to breathe her in during times of stress and change as well as when you are experiencing moments of great joy and victory.

Like the presence of the Divine Mother energy, lavender connects, supports and nurtures everything it comes in contact with.

There are over a 100 different varieties of lavender plants to work with. Each one will offer you her unique personality, charm, beauty and aromatic chemistry to intimately explore.

I suggest you work with the ones that grow close to where you live for they carry within them the stories of the earth where you reside and can teach you how best to use them for medicines of the heart, mind, sou,l and spirit. Until next time I wish you lavender filled dreams, a deeper connection to your own inner wisdom and much more tender, loving care from the Goddess herself.

Some tips on how to incorporate Lavender in to your life for an aromatic lifestyle:

*Use a few drops in your bath to relax and calm your body mind and spirit.

*Mist yourself with a lavender hydrosol (water from the distillation of the plant) to tone your skin, cool you from a "hot flash", uplift your environment or to help with itchy skin or bug bites.

*Add a capful of lavender hydrosol to your drinking water to help calm and bring inner peace.

*Add a drop of lavender to your band aid when you cut yourself. It has amazing healing properties.

*Put a drop of lavender on a bug bite, cut, burn, scratch, etc.

*Use a drop of lavender on your pillow before you go to sleep for sweet dreams.

*Use a drop of lavender for any skin blemish.

*Use a drop of lavender for jet lag.

*Use a drop of lavender in some carrier oil for a headache.

*Add some lavender to honey for a delicious treat.

*Make a calming cup of tea from the lavender flowers - just add hot water and let seep for 5 minutes.

*Use to hydrate the skin.

*Add some lavender to your body lotion or massage oil for a calming healing experience.

*Add a few drops of lavender to some witch hazel and cleanse your face with it.

*Add a few drops to some white vinegar and baking soda and clean with it.

*Bake some lavender cookies.

*Make lavender sugar and give it away as gifts.

*Place a few drops on your pets bedding and use a few drops in your pet's shampoo for calming and comforting.

*Diffuse some in the air by placing a few drops in boiling water.

*Add a few drops on a cotton cloth in your dryer.

*Make a perfume with a few drops of lavender and some vodka.


The list could go on and on.  I suggest once you get to know this plant spirit, you will be creating with her in some fun and magical ways.


There are many books out on lavender and aromatherapy.
One of my favorites:
The Magic and Power of Lavender  by Maggie Tisserand and Monika Junemann

Lavender Festivals

There are numerous lavender festivals around the country. These are fabulous get away week-ends and wonderful ways to see this beautiful plant and her different varieties.


  • Ojai Lavender Festival
  • Sequim, Washington Lavender Festival  
  • Pennsylvania Lavender Festival
  • Oregon Lavender Festival

Lavender Farms
If you want to visit lavender farms - just google lavender farms in the United States and you will have a great adventure exploring and meeting other lavender lovers.

Lavender Bundles
Lavender Bundles grace my home in the summer. I keep a basket full next to my front door and use them as give away gifts from garden to our guests, friends and clients who visit my home.  Just take some fresh lavender flowers and place them in the middle of a beautiful old vintage hankie (or some fabulous fabric you have).  Place a drop of lavender oil on the flowers to add more scent and then tie with some ribbon.  

Goddess Lavender Tonic
I serve this at all my Goddess gatherings:

In 32 oz of organic raspberry lemonade add:
1-2 jiggers of vodka (depending on how strong you like your aromatic tonics).
1/3 cup of lavender hydrosol
Shake and let sit for about 1 hour

Serve over:
Ice with a twist of lavender infused lemon slice.
(let lemon slices soak in some lavender hydrosol).

Aromatic Blessings, Joan



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About the Author

Joan Clark is an aromatic consultant, natural perfumer, educator, energy therapy practitioner and owner of her own line of essential oils and aromatic products -The Goddess Aromaetica.  Joan hosts women's retreats as well as aromatic travel adventures.  She is an artist, writer and originator of Powerful Passionate Women for Peace.  Her website is: 




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