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Alleviating Urticaria in Baby Emily
by Deby Atterby



Reprinted with permission from Aromatherapy Today, The International Aromatherapy Journal for those with a passion for Aromatherapy

I was approached by a close friend by the name of Leslie and she informed me that her 16 month old daughter Emily was suffering from an acute reaction to a viral infection and a severe rash appeared to nearly 70% of her body.

Emily was taken to a local GP who prescribed a cortisone cream and gel which, over a period of several days of application, did not appear to have any effect on her condition.

Leslie recollected that when she was my student, I had prepared an ointment to ease her allergic reaction to a green-ant bite that she had suffered which eased the pain and rash she experienced, so she decided to seek my advice on her daughter’s condition.

When Emily was brought to me, on inspection I diagnosed that she was suffering from severe Urticaria and as a result of what I observed, I formulated 2 aromatic blends, one being a cream and the other a gel.

The blends consisted of CO2 German Chamomile, 4 drops of Chamomile with an additional 1 drop mentha-pepperita Peppermint in 60 gms of light base cream and 40 gms of aloe vera gel.

I gave Leslie the blends the next day and she began to use them immediately. Leslie reported that Emily seemed to get instant relief from itching and erythema, giving relief for an extended period of time. Leslie then reported that having realised Emily’s relief of symptoms with only one application after returning home from the diagnosis, she threw out the prescription cortisone cream and gel from the doctor and continued using the aromatic blends solely.

The cream and gel was then applied that afternoon and before bed and in the morning, Emily woke up with the rash showing marked signs of additional improvement, the erythema had abated significantly. Leslie then reapplied the gel and cream throughout the day 5-6 times, first thing in the morning, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, and then one last time after her bath and before bed.

By the third day of applying the aromatic cream and gel, the inflammation and her rash reduced dramatically and Leslie continued with the application of cream and gel as per the previous day with ongoing success. On the fourth day, Emily’s rash had nearly disappeared and all that was visible was a faint outline of where the rash had been and scratches remained on the skins surface, from where Emily had broken the skin while itching in those first initial days.

Leslie continued to apply the cream and gel but reduced the applications to in the morning, at lunch and again before bed and at any other time that Emily showed signs of being uncomfortable. She continued this regime for a further 2 days and by the sixth day, Emily’s rash was gone.

Much better to see a child in this state than riddled with an uncomfortable and nasty looking rash.



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About the Author

Deby Atterby has been an active Aromatherapy Lecturer for over 17 years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in clinical Aromatic medicine.

In 2001, she trained in France with renowned Aromatherapist Dr Daniel Penoel and in 2008 and 2009, returned to France to complete and Advanced Aromatic Medicine Course with Bob and Rhiannon Harris.

On her return from France in 2001, Deby founded the Aromatic Aromathology Therapies (AAT) with the express view of providing an association for Aromatherapists passionate about their profession and the direction of their industry.

The AAT assists Aromatherapists with ongoing education to maintain their rating. Deby’s quest for knowledge in Aromatics knows no boundaries. She is always researching and studying in an effort to gain all the knowledge she can to maintain the highest possible standard.

Deby Atterby, Editor/Publisher, Aromatherapy Today, The International Aromatherapy Journal for those with a passion for Aromatherapy
p: (61) 7 5598 6642
f: (61) 7 5598 6642
PO Box 1512 Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Australia




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