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The Electricity of Nutrition
by Dr. Roger L. DeHaan, DVM



Editor's Note: A few years ago, I read an interesting article by Dr. DeHaan about flea control, and one of key points of the article explained how improper nutrition can weaken the immune system and attract fleas. One of my dogs at the time, Ellie, a seemingly healthy and full of life dachshund mix, had a flea problem in the middle of winter which seemed strange to me, while my other dachshund did not. Regardless of the fact that my dogs eat better than I do, I decided to take Ellie and Jelly Bean to Dr. DeHaan for an evaluation and that's when he introduced me to CRA. Within minutes he found that Ellie was not compatible with the lamb/raw beef diet they were both on, whereas Jelly was. Instead, he found that Ellie needed poultry. Within two weeks of switching Ellie's diet, she was flea free and I have yet to use any harsh flea and tick products on her aside from all natural citronella/tea tree oil pet safe drops. Every now and then, Ellie manages to pick up a flea or two when around barn dogs, and being in South Carolina, we inspect for ticks after trail riding and hiking through the woods, but its rare to find any creepy crawlies on her. It's never a bad idea to have your pet check for nutritional deficiencies or compatibilities, and I have made it a habit to include CRA as part of my pets' annual for preventative and wellness reasons.

Modern “clinical nutrition” requires a lot of educated guesswork. This is because every animal is a unique individual. Can nutrition for your pet be individualized? Can we somehow figure out the weak links that need to be nourished? Can we take the “guesswork” out of nutrition? Or should every animal be fed the same food and supplements, regardless of breed, temperament, size, or individual need?

I had been using a technique called “Applied Kinesiology”, developed by Dr. Goodhart of Detroit, with good success. Then in 1987 I attended a seminar by Dr. Versendall called “Contact Reflex Analysis” (CRA) used as a technique of Applied Clinical Nutrition. Since then my accuracy and success has more than doubled. The genius of Dr. Versendall is that he gave the nutritional community a system of analysis that is peer reviewed, has been university documented, and is now sponsored for advanced study by a major chiropractic college. It has been well received by Chiropractors, MD’s, nutritionists, and veterinarians alike.

A safe and natural method: CRA is a safe, simple and natural method of analyzing your pets STRUCTURAL, PHYSICAL and NUTRITIONAL needs. A deficiency in any one of these three areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health issues.

CRA is not a method of diagnosis. It is a means by which a doctor uses the body’s electrical reflexes to accurately determine the root cause of a problem. It is also a preventative technique used to find a problem before it becomes a full blown health issue.

Treating causes rather than symptoms: Unfortunately modern medicine many times treats symptoms, rather than causes. For instance, pain is treated with aspirin, and a fever is treated with an antibiotic. If symptoms persist, a stronger drug is used. But the question still remains: What’s CAUSING the pain or the fever?

There is a hope: CRA quickly and accurately uncovers the root of the health problem. Aspirin or an antibiotic might be useful for an emergency situation, temporarily... But in the long run we want to uncover the root weakness, and correct it. Give the body the foods and nutrients it needs to correct the STRUCTURAL, PHYSICAL, or NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES – or soon more profound health problems may follow. Like a car, the pet’s body needs a regular “tune-up.” It needs the best foods, supplements, and care possible, or it will “burn-out” before the time. CRA can give information to get that frequently needed “tune-up”!

Testing the electrical circuit: To test a reflex, the veterinarian will use an “indicator muscle” as a “circuit indicator.” When the doctor’s fingertip comes near or touches a healthy reflex, the arm muscle will remain very strong. Nerve energy is flowing freely. The doctor will not be able to push the client’s arm down without exerting a lot of force. However, when the arm muscle is suddenly weak, and the doctor can easily push the arm down, a “hot circuit breaker” has been located. There are approximately seventy-five known reflex areas on the skin, which represent various organs, glands and bone structures. The reflex, when testing weak, acts similar to a circuit breaker when under overload. The nerve energy has been interrupted.

Using this reflex information, the doctor will know if the problem is structural, physical or nutritional. An exact structural or nutritional support can be given to help the body to heal. This does not mean medicine or surgery may not be indicated, but it means we are helping the body to heal - by providing those supports needed for optimum health. We are going beyond the crisis, and taking preventative steps for the “future” health of your pet. Therefore deficiencies can even be uncovered at the “sub-clinical” level, when the problem is tiny... and before expensive lab work can detect it. Owners who are “prevention minded” will want a CRA analysis on their pets just to keep their companion animal in prime health!

Using CRA for prevention: We find that some pets are born with hereditarily weakened glands and organs. If we can find those weaknesses, and literally strengthen them with specific nutrition, we can increase their quality of life... and literally add on years to their life-expectancy.

All species can be tested: Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses or cows - all can be tested effectively with CRA. This is because there is an electrical charge in every cell, and the brain is connected to every part of the body. The Central Nervous System is a virtual computer system that monitors the body by micro-seconds. In 1 square inch of skin there are 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards of blood vessels, all feeding information into the brain, the master computer of the body. CRA is a tie-in into this giant computer network. Health professionals over the last twenty-five years have learned to read the computer system of the body, and to translate it into usable nutritional data. Thus our title, “The Electricity of Nutrition.” Reading the body’s own computer!



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About the Author

Raised on an Organic Farm, Roger L. DeHaan, DVM, MTS, CVC has gained knowledge and experience in a diverse range of fields including veterinary medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and more. Returning from 12 years in agricultural missions in a third world country, Dr. DeHaan experienced a paradigm shift connecting agriculture, health, science, spirituality and stewardship of land and animals as fundamental human responsibilities. Author of four books on health, healing and creation care, Dr. DeHaan sketches practical "models of life" he believes must be recaptured if society is to survive and prosper. More information about these books, as well as his books on natural care of pets can be found on his website: www.aholisticvet.com.

Contact Info: 
Dr. Roger DeHaan
Holistic Veterinary Services
105 Police Club Drive
Kings Mountain North Carolina USA 28086
Office: (704)734-0061(704)734-0061
Website: www.aholisticvet.com




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