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Alternative, Holistic, Natural & Spiritual Healing Methods

All Things Healing"All Things Healing" is obviously a comprehensive topic. Though many people immediately think of holistic healing and the various currently popular methods of alternative healing it can also include such diverse topics as planetary healing (ecology, use of Green products etc.), social healing (building communities, conscious use of our financial resources etc.), mental healing (psychological and psychospiritual perspectives, spiritual healing practices ), healthy lifestyles (exercise and fitness, diet, healing recipes etc.) and healing through the arts (use of art, poetry and multi-media for healing).


Holistic healing also utilizes alternative healing medicine that complements conventional medicine by helping medicate your body holistically and introducing wellness to your mind and spirit as well. We at All Things Healing (ATH) have gathered information about various types of alternative healing methods for the betterment of your whole being. We have brought together a team of highly-skilled and dedicated people to help you improve your overall wellness and outlook. We also have articles, videos, and more about natural healing practices and alternative healing methods to help ensure the complete well being of all our readers.


When some people hear the term holistic healing, they immediately think of faith healing. However, spiritual healing is not faith healing. Faith healing requires a person to have belief in a certain god or deity. Spiritual healing, on the other hand, involves alternative healing methods that guide healing energy to improve a person's body, mind and/or spiritual health. These practices need the help of a healer to help you channel your energies.


To Improve Your Body

Our website concerns natural healing and alternative healing methods and is meant to help people recover from illness or injury and to live a generally healthier life. Our highly qualified editors seek out and gather all types of useful information on healing a patient's body and replenishing the energy that has diminished due to sickness or illness. Our holistic healing therapies, along with alternative healing medicine, help a patient recover from sickness faster and maintain overall health. Acupuncture, for example, relieves some of the symptoms of breast cancer and also alleviates some side effects of cancer treatments.


Alternative healing, however, is not only for people recovering from sickness. We put a strong emphasis on preventing sickness and disease. The information on our website can help you identify the parts of your body that need to be taken care of and will recommend the holistic healing method and alternative healing medicine that is perfect for you.

For Your Mental Health

We at All Things Healing believe that we must also pay attention to our mental health to ensure complete wellness. In order to have a better outlook and general attitude, we recommend alternative healing methods that can greatly improve a person's disposition. Yoga, for instance, is not only used to improve the quality of our bodies, it can help us relieve our stress by helping us relieve our stress by helping us to focus on our breathing. Other spiritual healing techniques that we recommend, like meditation and music therapy, encourage positive thinking and enable you to handle everyday stress easily. Our website provides information that helps you learn how to focus your mind to release stress and achieve your goals.


For Spiritual Growth

Our spirit is what links us to people around us and to the world. Holistic healing and alternative healing methods help people become aware of their feelings and other people's feelings as well. These techniques enable us to be more conscious of the world around us and other people's needs. Spiritual healing is all about achieving oneness with the universe.


Spiritual healing is different for each person since we all have different spiritual needs. Our contributors at All Things Healing are highly qualified and deeply passionate about educating our readers concerning the ways to spiritual progress. And, since everybody's healing process is intensely personal, they help guide each person through his or her spiritual development.


To Protect Our Planet

We at All Things Healing believe that in order to achieve wholeness, we must also take care of the one thing that sustains all life: earth. The ATH community promotes purchasing of organic products like food, toys, and clothing to minimize and altogether prevent the damage done to the earth.


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Our Mission at ATH

We at ATH are committed to bringing together a worldwide community of individuals and organizations dedicated to informing and educating people on topics relating to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet at large.
Atlanta Web Expert: Affordable, reliable, web design and web application development services.

by Sylvia Poareo, MSW

We see it often in parenting literature: in order to be as patient, kind, loving as we want to be as parents, we need to fill our cup.

This series of articles is intended to help parents explore self-care and recognize the pitfalls faced in implementing it...


Editor's Note: Fantastic reminder on what to do when we are feeling depleted. Sylvia Poareo gives some great ideas on how to be aware of what we need as parents to reconnect and recharge.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Elisa Romano shows you how to love who and what you are in her book "Meet Your Soul."  She discusses how to separate your soul versus your ego and how to spend more time living out of your soul.



Books for Healing


Editor´s Note from Lexi Yoga: Arm balancing postures are quite advanced and require a strong upper body and core. Lots of balance and focus is involved. Michael Decorte of Jock Yoga demonstrates how to practice some of these advanced arm balance yoga postures.




80% of the bugs in your garden are good bugs - they eat other harmful bugs, like the ones eating your crops.

Scott Myer, the editor of Organic Gardening Magazine has an enlightened approach and offers some wonderful practical tips in this video.


Organic Living

by Lisa McCourt

The secret to a juicy-joyful life is mastering the ability to be you – all of you – all the time. One of the qualities Buddhists strive for in the path to enlightenment is called “sameness of being,” or “sameness of bearing.” It means being exactly who you authentically are, no matter who you are interacting with...




Sacred Living

by Richard Schwartz

We all know about those luminous moments of clarity and balance, in our own lives and in those of our clients, which come briefly now and again. However we get there, we suddenly encounter a feeling of inner plenitude and open heartedness to the world that wasn't there the moment before. The incessant nasty chatter inside our heads ceases, we have a sense of calm spaciousness, as if our minds and hearts and souls had expanded and brightened...


Editor's Note by Debbie Allen: Richard Schwartz has developed the Internal Family Systems model of therapy that addresses the subpersonalities or internal parts that interact with the core "Self" of our personality.



by Denise Austin

If you're finding it hard to make exercise a regular routine, don't despair! It takes a little time and effort to get into the habit, but the good news is there are some tricks to making your workout feel like just another part of your schedule...



Exercise & Fitness

by Carolyn White, PhD
Co-Editor of Energy Medicine

"Clearing your Chakras vs. balancing your Chakras – are they the same?  If not, what is the difference?"

The title of this article is a response to a question I recently received from a reader...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: This article explores the energetic nature of the major Chakras and explains the essence of clearing vs balancing as well as the importance of both.


Energy Medicine

by Jon Rhodes

The fear of crowds is an anxiety disorder which can severely limit the lifestyle of the sufferer. Those who suffer from a fear of crowds often have several symptoms when in or approaching a crowd. These include heightened alertness, increased anxiety, nausea, headaches, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, shaking, chest pains and more...



Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

~World Health Organization, 1948


Holistic Nutrition

by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

In an ever-growing desire to bring more light into a world that is actually composed of it, man has compromised itself by separating from the feelings that are inherent in a world of dualism and polarity. In so doing, the space for the use of grace is neglected and left untended...



Sacred Living

by Rick D.

Cross-posted from EatLocalGrown.com

Beets are an extremely nutritious food source for your family. They also happen to be really tasty and delicious. Beets are packed with vitamins and minerals: vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, choline, folic acid, iodine, manganese, organic sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, copper and phosphorus...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: I love beets. I love the color and its sweetness. Another great way to get veggies into my children in ways they love and to get its amazing health benefits.


Holistic Nutrition


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