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Alternative, Holistic, Natural & Spiritual Healing Methods

All Things Healing"All Things Healing" is obviously a comprehensive topic. Though many people immediately think of holistic healing and the various currently popular methods of alternative healing it can also include such diverse topics as planetary healing (ecology, use of Green products etc.), social healing (building communities, conscious use of our financial resources etc.), mental healing (psychological and psychospiritual perspectives, spiritual healing practices ), healthy lifestyles (exercise and fitness, diet, healing recipes etc.) and healing through the arts (use of art, poetry and multi-media for healing).


Holistic healing also utilizes alternative healing medicine that complements conventional medicine by helping medicate your body holistically and introducing wellness to your mind and spirit as well. We at All Things Healing (ATH) have gathered information about various types of alternative healing methods for the betterment of your whole being. We have brought together a team of highly-skilled and dedicated people to help you improve your overall wellness and outlook. We also have articles, videos, and more about natural healing practices and alternative healing methods to help ensure the complete well being of all our readers.


When some people hear the term holistic healing, they immediately think of faith healing. However, spiritual healing is not faith healing. Faith healing requires a person to have belief in a certain god or deity. Spiritual healing, on the other hand, involves alternative healing methods that guide healing energy to improve a person's body, mind and/or spiritual health. These practices need the help of a healer to help you channel your energies.


To Improve Your Body

Our website concerns natural healing and alternative healing methods and is meant to help people recover from illness or injury and to live a generally healthier life. Our highly qualified editors seek out and gather all types of useful information on healing a patient's body and replenishing the energy that has diminished due to sickness or illness. Our holistic healing therapies, along with alternative healing medicine, help a patient recover from sickness faster and maintain overall health. Acupuncture, for example, relieves some of the symptoms of breast cancer and also alleviates some side effects of cancer treatments.


Alternative healing, however, is not only for people recovering from sickness. We put a strong emphasis on preventing sickness and disease. The information on our website can help you identify the parts of your body that need to be taken care of and will recommend the holistic healing method and alternative healing medicine that is perfect for you.

For Your Mental Health

We at All Things Healing believe that we must also pay attention to our mental health to ensure complete wellness. In order to have a better outlook and general attitude, we recommend alternative healing methods that can greatly improve a person's disposition. Yoga, for instance, is not only used to improve the quality of our bodies, it can help us relieve our stress by helping us relieve our stress by helping us to focus on our breathing. Other spiritual healing techniques that we recommend, like meditation and music therapy, encourage positive thinking and enable you to handle everyday stress easily. Our website provides information that helps you learn how to focus your mind to release stress and achieve your goals.


For Spiritual Growth

Our spirit is what links us to people around us and to the world. Holistic healing and alternative healing methods help people become aware of their feelings and other people's feelings as well. These techniques enable us to be more conscious of the world around us and other people's needs. Spiritual healing is all about achieving oneness with the universe.


Spiritual healing is different for each person since we all have different spiritual needs. Our contributors at All Things Healing are highly qualified and deeply passionate about educating our readers concerning the ways to spiritual progress. And, since everybody's healing process is intensely personal, they help guide each person through his or her spiritual development.


To Protect Our Planet

We at All Things Healing believe that in order to achieve wholeness, we must also take care of the one thing that sustains all life: earth. The ATH community promotes purchasing of organic products like food, toys, and clothing to minimize and altogether prevent the damage done to the earth.


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Our Mission at ATH

We at ATH are committed to bringing together a worldwide community of individuals and organizations dedicated to informing and educating people on topics relating to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet at large.
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from Lisa Nicholson, Acupuncturist

This recipe is warming and nourishing to the kidney yang. It is useful for fatigue, sluggish digestion, and overall warming. Fennel and cardamom stimulate digestion, helping to break down the meat and potatoes while adding a sweet, aromatic quality to the dish...




Healing Recipes


Editor's Note from Chandana Deekshith: Hawthorn Berry, asparagus,  dandelion, and cinnamon can all help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Incorporate these herbs into your daily diet with the helpful advice from an expert herbalist Robert Linde in this video.



by Jesse Cannone, CFT, SPN, CPRS

Unfortunately, many people are misinformed and are also misled by the many promises of the weight loss industry.  Everywhere you look, you see or hear of people promising “Dramatic Weight Loss” with products such as “The Fat Trapper” or “Exercise in a Bottle”...


Exercise & Fitness

by Ion Daogo

Those people who use massage as an adjunct to other therapies often include Thai massage in their treatment. Thai yoga massage is a combination of massage, yoga and acupressure that helps to allow free-flow of energy throughout the body...


Editor's Note from David Burrows: I am quite the fan of Thai Massage, and recommend this article for general information about this type of bodywork.


Massage & Bodywork

"Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town."

~ George Carlin




by Norma Gentile

I have always seen auras. They look like a cloud surrounding the physical body. They often appear to me as multi-colored, swirling masses of textured energy. As a child I wondered why people were all these different colors. Finally as an adult I know that there is no simple reason!




Energy Medicine

by Ken Rohrer

Colors are sometimes used in therapy. Colors have a huge effect on people who have brain disorders or who are emotionally troubled. The color blue has a calming effect on many people and lowers respiration and blood pressure. Red has the opposite effect...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: The world of color is rich with symbolism dating back to ancient times. Colors offer so much to our world and influences our lives. This article teaches readers about some of the general meanings of the wonderful world color, including color therapy!


Intuition & Symbols

by Ingrid King

The plight of feral cats has received some much needed publicity recently when the Loews Hotel group reversed a longstanding policy on providing a safe harbor for feral cats at two of their Orlando properties. The story gained national attention after it unleashed a firestorm among animal lovers in general and cat bloggers in particular...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: The issue of how to deal with feral cats raises a lot of controversy. Ingrid's perspective is a win-win; return feral cats to their environment but without their breeding abilities.


Animals & Pets

by Irene Kabot

Today I am going for the gold.  Today I am saying the “L” word. The word that everyone avoids. The word that if spoken evokes fear and fragility into our hearts and minds.

I am tired of being afraid of the ”L” word; tired of being afraid of saying Love, of feeling Love, giving Love and accepting Love...


Sacred Living

by Christy Diane Farr

Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

Release the excess. Release the old habits. Release yourself from the past.


For months, I’ve been teaching those who are Sick of Being Stuck that clutter clearing is a powerful way to free themselves from that which has them stuck. We’ve talked about this process from many, many angles but we’ve never talked about what to do with the stuff once you are ready to let it go...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: "Releasing that which no longer serves you from your physical environment will change your life. Period. So, let it go. Stop trying to manage all of this stuff and start living your life."



Adapted by Andrea D’Amore,

I know what you are thinking... another veggie burger recipe?!?! Well this one struck me as something I hadn't tried before and I had to share it once I made them. This recipe has one of the most appealing textures of any food I've had in a while and a great hearty, nutty flavor to them. Almonds happen to be an excellent source of magnesium and calcium, bet even more by serving these patties on top of a bed of fresh spinach...


Editor's Note from Andrea D'Amore: I know what you are thinking... another veggie burger recipe?!?! Well this one struck me as something I hadn't tried before and I had to share it once I made them. This recipe has one of the most appealing textures of any food I've had in a while and a great hearty, nutty flavor to them. Almonds happen to be an excellent source of magnesium and calcium, bet even more by serving these patties on top of a bed of fresh spinach.


Healing Recipes


by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH

One of the most pervasive contributors to the multi-factorial cause of disease is stress. This topic is extensive and very well known to naturopathic and holistic practitioners...

Editor's Notes from Rebecca Snowden: In a wonderful exploration of the research behind physiological response to exposure to the natural world, Dr. Kurt Beil not only reminds us of, but proves to us as well, that nature is a medicine of necessity. Read Part 1: Back Ground and Theory.




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